My attitude about abilities by passing the time

I believe that time is my most valuable investment, a free and accessible investment which is limited, non-permanent, and unincreasable. That is why I spent my time in increasing personal abilities and interests to have the best result because I believe that by managing the time I have the most precious investment to step toward improving my abilities. Since I knew myself I trusted my abilities and now I think the surrounding and social conditions reinforced my abilities. So, I try to be in a place in which the probability to be successful not being less and I chose a job in accordance with my talent, capabilities, and skill. Yes! graphic design is one branch of thousand branches of art which is the world of ideas, creativities, innovations; beside that colors have a world that you can enjoy every single moment when you enter. Now that I compare my present time with that of past, and not with other people, I believe that I still need to improve myself. The position I have now was a dream one day in the past and now I’m

Mastering Softwares
Graphic Design
adobe Photoshop
Corel Draw
adobe Illustrator
Web design
  • Creativity and ideation

    By ideation we mean thinking while being creative, an idea is in fact a mental picture which I present and design by imagination and visualization in the form of simile and in the frame of ideas to present a word, a brand or a slogan to the audience.

  • Graphic Design

    By the most state of art graphic software and the latest methods and skills I want to update my personal objectives and constantly attraction, creativity and charism have been my focuses of my job, because I believe that the creative, attractive and rational play important role in creating meaning and transferring concept to the audience.

  • Mold Design and Website Launch

    Holding the idea that website design is completely specialized and meet the users’ need, I started to develop my design professionally so that the websites could meet the users and the markets` need. Designing the website mold was based on the governing design roles to be responsive to my clients even in the cyber space.

  • Template Design Mobile applications

    Application is one kind of cell phone`s software installed for the users’ use on smart phones. Their designs are defined based on the official role of Google in two Android and IOS versions. Getting help from these rules I designed the app mold and presented to the programmer.

  • Photography

    One branch of photography is the industrial photography. Due to the professional need of design I could learn the correct methods of lighting and working with the cameras through experiences, self-study, studying the books and watching training videos.

  • Multimedia Design

    Multimedia is a set of sound and image effects which are converted to codes to be used in computer applications for cases such as advertisement, training software, and so on. Multimedia is used in the software with sound or animation features.

two-sided cooperation

two-sided cooperation

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